This page contains information relating to child safety and the Internet.

This is our slideshow from an Act of Worship where we learnt about the online safety links on our website.





Online Safety (formerly known as e-Safety) Information


Useful Links

New link available from May 2015: net-aware   A parental guide to the social networks children use provided by the NSPCC.

New links available from May 2014: 

A new portal with internet safety advice for parents was launched on 13th May by the 4 biggest Internet Service Providers in the UK – BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk as part of the Government’s push on the use of parental controls in the home.  Internet Matters offers a lot of sound advice and practical information to parents either by issue (cyberbullying, grooming, privacy and so on) type of technology (social medial, mobile, gaming etc.) or by age.  Amongst its supporters are the NSPCC, Childnet, Lucy Faithful, CEOP, OFCOM and many others and is worth exploring!  Please click here for easy access to the site.

Messaging Apps such as Whisper and Yik Yak

Over the last few months quite a few new messaging apps have been released giving young people different spaces to share secrets anonymously online (Whisper and Yik Yak to name a couple).  Just as a Sat Nav uses GPS data to locate where you are in your car, these apps use the same data, this time from your smartphone, to identify your physical location and share anonymous posts from people who are nearby (typically within a 5 mile radius).  This makes the service all the more unique to each person which might attract some younger users.  As with other anonymous messaging services such as, the new apps highlight similar risks around seeing posts or receiving replies which contain harmful/harassing content.  For more information regarding Instant Messaging Apps please click here.

Please look at the ‘Useful Links’ section at the bottom of our main menu for links to other online safety sites and links to the parentzone website.

Parents and Children should note that anyone posting defamatory remarks personal to school staff on any networking site will be taken seriously and referred to the appropriate authorities if necessary.